EduHack Knowledge Sharing Platform

A collective platform for learning by collaborating.


Here in the EduHack Knowledge Sharing Platform you can discuss topics related to the EduHack course and the EduHackathons with a community of experts and stakeholders.

What am I looking at?

Right now you are in the public section of the EduHack Knowledge Sharing platform. As you can see right above this text, there are five panels:

  • Digital Resources
  • Teaching
  • Assessment
  • Empowering Learners
  • EduHackathons

Try to click on one of them. Your browser will point you towards one of the subsections of the public area where people of this community discuss news contents, original blog posts, ideas and every kind of web content related to the topic of choice.
Moreover, every time a blog post is written by one of the learners of the EduHack course, it will appear in the right subsection of the platform.

I want to participate

If you don't have an account and you want to learn more about EduHack visit the official EduHack website.
If you were provided with an account now it is the time to login and start using the EduHack Knowledge Sharing platform.
You can start navigating the course here.
Digg through the content and every time you publish a new blog post in your personal area head over to the public area of the platform to discuss your progress with the community.
You can find more info about your personal area here